Sister Gertrude Morgan--New Orleans 1970

Sister Gertrude Morgan was a Gospel preacher and artist from the city of New Orleans. She coined the phrase, “Jesus is My Airplane,” back in 1970. The Bible uses images of wings and flight to remind Believers that great heights in service and success are reached as we grow in Christ.                      Do you want to SOAR? FLY with JESUS!


Sanctified Soul Music Stirred Sister Gertrude Morgan

It was Chicago's guitar playin' Mother McCollum from 1930, who inspired Sister Gertrude to coin the phrase, "Jesus is my Airplane!" Like Mother McCollum, Sister Gertrude played guitar and tambourine.  The Singing Saint was also a self-taught American folk artist. Here is a painting that presently hangs in the Smithsonian Museum. She titled it, "Jesus is my air Plane--1970."  Before she was a famous folk artist, Sister Gertrude Morgan supported her ministry by singing and preaching for coins on the streets of New Orleans. At the age of 80, she died on July 8, 1980. 


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Who Inspired Sister Gertrude Morgan?

Jesus is My Air O' Plane--Mother McCollum (Gospel Soul--1930)